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Soundtrack Sonic Adventure 2
Baixe o OST de Sonic Adventure, lançado em 2001. Abaixo tem o nome das músicas, logo mais abaixo está o download de todas juntas.

Sonic Adventure 2: Battle Musicas Artista Durabilidade
2 Player Select Screen Sonic Team 2:07
Chao Karate: Champion Sonic Team 00:10
Chao Karate: Draw Sonic Team 00:04
Chao Karate: Entrance Sonic Team 00:45
Chao Karate Sonic Team 2:38
Chao Karate: Lose Sonic Team 00:03
Chao Karate: Win Sonic Team 3:22
Grind Race Level Sonic Team 2:19
SA2: Battle Opening Sonic Team 00:49
Snowboarding Level Sonic Team 2:31

Sonic Adventure 2 Vocal Tracks Durabilidade
Download All Sonic Adventure 2 Vocal Tracks in a 88.7 MB .ZIP File XX:XX
01 It Doesn't Matter 2:44
02 Escape from the City 2:21
03 Believe in Myself 3:57
04 Unknown from ME 4:50
05 Fly in the Freedom 4:55
06 Throw it All Away 5:00
07 E.G.G.M.A.N. 3:22
08 Live And Learn 4:32
92 It Doesn't Matter (Instrumental) 2:43
93 Escape from the City (Instrumental) 2:20
94 Believe in Myself (Instrumental) 3:56
95 Unknown from M.E. (Instrumental) 4:49
96 Fly in the Freedom (Instrumental) 5:08
97 Throw it All Away (Instrumental) 5:00
98 E.G.G.M.A.N. (Instrumental) 3:23
99 Live And Learn (Instrumental) 4:29

Sonic Adventure 2 Soundtrack: Disco 1 Artista Durabilidade
Download All Disc One Tracks in a 95.6 MB .ZIP file XX:XX
Main Riff for Sonic Adventure 2 Jun Senoue 00:22
Event: Let's Make It! Jun Senoue 00:46
Escape From The City ...for City Escape Jun Senoue & Ted Poley 2:18
The Mad Convoy Race ...for City Escape Jun Senoue 00:48
That's The Way I Like It ...for Metal Harbor Jun Senoue 2:44
Can't Stop, So What!? ...for Metal Harbor Jun Senoue 00:54
Won't Stop, Just Go! ...for Green Forest Jun Senoue 2:28
Keys The Ruin ...for Pyramid Cave Jun Senoue 3:27
Unstable World ...for Crazy Gadget Jun Senoue 2:51
Highway In The Sky ...for Final Rush Jun Senoue 2:59
Boss: -GUN- Mobile Jun Senoue 1:55
Advertise: SA2 the groove Jun Senoue 2:08
Event: Strategy Tomoyo Ohtani 1:28
This Way Out ...for Prison Lane Jun Senoue 3:11
Rumbling HWY ...for Mission Street Jun Senoue 2:46
Chasing Drive ...for Kart Jun Senoue 2:43
Down In The Base ...for Hidden Base Jun Senoue 3:35
On The Edge ...for Eternal Engine Jun Senoue 2:52
Advertise: SA2 ver.B Jun Senoue 00:27
Kick The Rock! ...for Wild Canyon Tomoya Ohtani & Hunnid-P 3:15
A Ghost's Pumpkin Soup ...for Pumpkin Hill Tomoya Ohtani & Hunnid-P 3:24
Dive Into The Mellow ...for Aquatic Mine Tomoya Ohtani & Hunnid-P 3:37
Deeper ...for Death Chamber Tomoya Ohtani & Hunnid-P 4:07
Space Trip Steps ...for Meteor Herd Tomoya Ohtani & Hunnid-P 3:31
Boss: Masters Of The Desert Jun Senoue 2:05
Event: Reunion Kenichi Tokoi 00:42
Advertise: Prof.Omochao Jun Senoue 1:30
Chao Race Extended Mix [Chao's Doki-Doki Banana Chips Run Mix] Tomoyo Ohtani, Kenichi Tokoi, etc 6:44
Chao Garden Extended Mix [Chao's Wack-Wack Up&Down the Ground Mix] Fumie Kumatani, Kenichi Tokoi 8:09
Sonic Adventure 2 Soundtrack: Disco 2 Artista Durabilidade
Download All Disc Two Tracks in a 102.9 MB .ZIP File Sonic Team XX:XX
Vengence Is Mine ...for Radical Highway Sonic Team 2:32
Rhythm And Balance ...for White Jungle Sonic Team 2:28
Mr.Unsmiley ...for Sky Rail Sonic Team 1:50
The Supernatural ...for Final Chase Sonic Team 2:49
For True Story ...for Sonic vs. Shadow Sonic Team 2:31
Event: Conquest Sonic Team 1:33
Hey You! It's Time To Speed Up Again!!! Sonic Team 00:27
Still Invincible ...No fear! Sonic Team 00:56
Advertise: Rhythmic Passage Sonic Team 1:07
Boss: Suitable Opponent Sonic Team 1:59
Remember Me? - M.F.M. ...for Iron Gate Sonic Team 2:20
Way To The Base ...for Sand Ocean Sonic Team 2:52
Trespasser ...for Lost Colony Sonic Team 2:25
Crush'em All ...for Weapons Bed Sonic Team 2:25
Soarin' Over Space ...for Cosmic Wall Sonic Team 3:04
Event: 3 Black Noises Sonic Team 5:20
Advertise: SA2 ver.C Sonic Team 00:27
Event: Sonic vs. Shadow Sonic Team 1:19
Bright Sound ...for Dry Lagoon Sonic Team 3:35
Lovely Gate 3 ...for Egg Quarters Sonic Team 3:18
I'm A Spy ...for Security Hall Sonic Team 3:37
34ºN, 12ºE ...for Mad Space Sonic Team 3:33
Event: The Base Sonic Team 1:53
Boss: Shut Up Faker! Sonic Team 1:42
Scramble For The Core ...for Cannon's Core ver.1 Sonic Team 2:03
Cooperation ...for Cannon's Core ver.2 Sonic Team 1:59
Deep Inside Of... ...for Cannon's Core ver.3 Sonic Team 3:18
Supporting Me ...for Biolizard Sonic Team 3:29
Event: Madness Sonic Team 1:48
Event: The Last Scene Sonic Team 3:36
Live & Learn ...Main Theme of SONIC ADVENTURE 2 Sonic Team 4:27

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Fonte: Soah City

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